India vs New Zealand Semifinal: ICC World Cup 2023 | Clashes between both teams play out?


India vs New Zealand: In the realm of cricket, clashes between India and New Zealand have birthed moments of unparalleled thrill and intense competition in the World Cup history. Analysing the dynamics of the last five encounters between these cricketing powerhouses provides insights into their competitive spirit, strategies, and the evolution of their game play.

The Legacy of Confrontations

1. India’s Dominance in the Recent Encounters

India has showcased consistent prowess in the last five World Cup meetings against New Zealand. Notably, their strategic play and adaptability on the field have led to an impressive track record, winning four out of five encounters.

2. New Zealand’s Resilience and Tactical Shifts

Despite facing defeats, New Zealand has exhibited resilience and tactical evolution in their gameplay. The Kiwis’ adaptability and ability to challenge India’s strengths reveal a team continuously refining their approach to these high-stakes encounters.

When it comes to tournaments like the ICC World Cup 2023, the numbers are stacked against India vs New Zealand has dominated the game in the tournament.

Fixtures India vs New Zealand

1st Semi-Final (D/N), Wankhede, November 15, 2023 India vs New Zealand

India Flag India

New Zealand Flag New Zealand


Rohit Sharma (c)Top order BatterKane Williamson (c)Top order Batter
Shreyas IyerTop order BatterWill YoungTop order Batter
Virat KohliTop order BatterDevon Conway †Wicketkeeper Batter
Shubman GillOpening BatterTom Latham † (vc)Wicketkeeper Batter
Suryakumar YadavBatterGlenn Phillips †Wicketkeeper Batter
Ishan Kishan †Wicketkeeper BatterRachin RavindraBatting Allrounder
KL Rahul †Wicketkeeper BatterMitchell SantnerBowling Allrounder
Ravindra JadejaAllrounderDaryl MitchellBatting Allrounder
Ravichandran AshwinBowling AllrounderMark ChapmanAllrounder
Jasprit BumrahBowlerTrent BoultBowler
Mohammed ShamiBowlerLockie FergusonBowler
Mohammed SirajBowlerKyle JamiesonBowler
Prasidh KrishnaBowlerIsh SodhiBowler
Shardul ThakurBowlerTim SoutheeBowler

Match Details India vs New Zealand

Series – ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

Season – 2023/24

Match Number – Odi No. 4703

Match Days – 15 November 2023 – daynight (50-over match)


England – Richard Illingworth
Australia – Rodney James Tucker

TV Umpire – Joel Wilson (West Indies)

Reserve Umpire – Adrian Holdstock (SA)

Match Refree – Andy Pycroft (ZIM)

Players to Watch

Batters To Watch (recent stats)

 Virat Kohli, IND – 10 M • 650 Runs • 92.86 Avg • 88.79 SR

 Rohit Sharma, IND – 10 M • 584 Runs • 58.4 Avg • 123.99 SR

 Rachin Ravindra, NZ – 10 M • 565 Runs • 70.63 Avg • 108.44 SR

 Daryl Mitchell, NZ – 9 M • 418 Runs • 59.71 Avg • 110.58 SR

Bowlers To Watch (recent stats)

 Jasprit Bumrah, IND – 10 M • 20 Wkts • 4.19 Econ • 24.85 SR

 Ravindra Jadeja, IND – 10 M • 16 Wkts • 4.23 Econ • 31.31 SR

 Mitchell Santner, NZ – 9 M • 16 Wkts • 4.81 Econ • 31 SR

 Trent Boult, NZ – 10 M • 15 Wkts • 5.18 Econ • 34.8 SR

Last 5 Matches

30 Nov 2022 (No Result)

18-Jan-2023 (Indin Won by 12 runs)

21-Jan-2023 (Indian Won by 8 Wickets (with 179 balls remaining)

24-Jan-2023 (India Won 90 runs)

22-Oct-2023 (India Won by 4 Wickets (with 12 balls remaining)

A World Cup semi-final is the kind of thing he had dreamed about while playing backyard games with his brother Dale, who is also a first-class cricketer during India vs New Zealand.

India vs New Zealand: Now put all of this together.


How do India vs New Zealand constantly make it to the knockout stage of an ICC event? Did Angelo Mathews really take too long to get to the crinkle against Bangladesh? Can England do another’ reset’ of their reset? Kaustubh Kumar is joined by Andrew Fidel Fernando and Andrew Miller, as they answer these questions and everything in between in the Refuse Mic’s review of the group stage of the 2023 men’s ODI World Cup.

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