Men’s DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes: Premium Performance Footwear


The DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens represent the pinnacle of performance footwear designed specifically for cricket enthusiasts. Crafted with premium materials and precision engineering, these shoes are tailored to elevate your game on the pitch. Boasting superior comfort, durability, and traction, they offer exceptional support during every movement on the field. With a focus on enhancing agility and stability, these cricket shoes combine style with functionality, providing players with the confidence to perform at their best. Whether batting, bowling, or fielding, the DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens are the perfect companion for avid cricketers seeking top-notch performance and reliability.

DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens
Men's DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes: Premium Performance Footwear 8

Product details – DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens

Material typeFaux Leather
Closure typeLace-Up
Heel typeNo Heel
Water resistance levelNot Water Resistant
Sole materialFaux Leather
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Polyvinyl Chloride
Country of OriginIndia
DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens

About Item – DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens

  1. Lightweight Construction: Our shoes feature a combination of punched synthetic leather and breathable mesh, making them lighter without compromising on durability and flexibility.
  2. Unique Design: Stand out on the field with our high-frequency embossed design, ensuring a distinctive appearance while you play.
  3. Superior Traction: Experience enhanced grip and traction with our high-grade rubber outsole, equipped with rounded lugs for better multidirectional movement.
  4. Stability and Comfort: Enjoy stability and reduced foot fatigue thanks to the quality external TPU midfoot shank incorporated into the design.
  5. Ultimate Cushioning: Step onto the field in comfort with our quality EVA midsole providing superior cushioning. Our breathable and incredibly soft EVA sockliner ensures a comfortable fit throughout your game.

Additional Information – DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens

ManufacturerDSC, Delux Sports Company
PackerDelux Sports Company
Item Weight720 g
Item Dimensions LxWxH31 x 11 x 12 Centimeters
Net Quantity1 count
Included Components1 pair Cricket Shoe
Generic NameCricket Shoes


Cricket Shoes


When it comes to cricket, having the right footwear is essential for top-notch performance. The DSC Jaffa Lime Yellow Cricket Shoes are designed to take your game to the next level. These shoes combine cutting-edge technology with comfort, offering everything a cricket player needs to excel on the field.

Features that Enhance Your Game: DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens

1. Advanced Grip for Superior Control

The DSC Jaffa Lime Yellow Shoes come equipped with a special traction technology. This means you get incredible grip and stability, allowing you to move swiftly and pivot effortlessly during those crucial moments in the game.

2. Supreme Comfort for Long Matches

These shoes prioritize your comfort, even during long matches. The high-quality cushioning reduces impact and fatigue, ensuring you stay focused on your game without any discomfort.

3. Durability for Endurance

Crafted from durable materials, these shoes are built to withstand the challenges of the cricket field. They’re designed to last, promising reliability and performance throughout your games.

Why DSC Jaffa Lime Yellow Shoes Stand Out:

1. Unmatched Performance Boost

Compared to other cricket shoes, these stand out with their ability to significantly enhance your performance. The combination of superior traction, comfort, and durability gives you an edge over others on the field.

2. Expert Design for Functionality and Style

Not only are these shoes functional, but they also look great. The careful design ensures functionality while making a stylish statement on the cricket pitch, boosting your confidence as you play.

Conclusion: Step Up Your Game with DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens

In summary, the DSC Jaffa Lime Yellow Cricket Shoes are your ticket to superior performance on the cricket field. With their advanced features, comfort, and durability, these shoes are a must-have for cricketers aiming to excel in their game. Embrace the innovation, seize the advantage, and elevate your cricket performance with DSC Jaffa Lime Yellow Shoes.

Important for Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes are like the trusty wheels for cricket players. They’re specifically crafted to keep these athletes steady, grippy, and comfy on the field. Think of them as the ultimate support system for running, jumping, and pivoting during cricket games.

These shoes come decked out with special spikes or studs underfoot. These nifty additions help players get a solid grip on the grass or turf, giving them the traction they need to dash around. Some have rubber or metal spikes that can be swapped out based on where the game’s being played.

What sets them apart? Well, these shoes are all about keeping feet happy. They’re padded in just the right spots to cushion against all that running and leaping. Plus, they’ve got extra support around the ankles to keep players stable.

No sweaty feet here! Cricket shoes often have breathable materials that let air flow through, keeping players’ feet cool and dry even during those long matches.

And don’t forget durability! They’re built tough to handle all the action on the cricket pitch, lasting through match after match without losing their oomph.

Different players need different shoes too. Bowlers, batsmen, and fielders all have their own specialized footwear. For example, bowling shoes might offer more support and protection for the front foot during delivery, while batting shoes focus on being flexible and grippy for quick moves.

Choosing the right pair of cricket shoes is key. It’s about finding what works best for your style of play, the field conditions, and what feels good on your feet. Taking care of them by keeping the spikes clean and shoes dry ensures they’ll stick around to support you for many games to come.

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